All Pro Credit Repair can help repair your bad credit.

For most clients of All Pro Credit Repair, the first option should be sufficient.

We do, however, strongly recommend that all of our clients use online credit monitoring for all three credit bureaus– Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion; and for those who chose the Premiere Online Dispute Option, it is required.

We recommend three-bureau credit monitoring from:  IdentityIQ.  Clients are strongly urged to keep credit monitoring before, during and after credit repair for their own credit health.  During credit repair, we will need your sign-in and password for your credit monitoring.

Regardless of which of the two pricing plans you choose, you will have access to us for as much and as long as you need.

So while our pricing plans are different, you can always count on receiving the same high level of customer service, attention, and communication.