About Us

About Us

All Pro Credit Repair works with our customers in a collaborative effort to challenge items which cannot be verified, are inaccurate, and/or are untimely, thereby doing damage to your credit rating and the ability to lead the life having good credit scores requires.

We know that you want to be able to purchase a home or car, qualify for a better loan or credit card rate, obtain a better job; or just not have the embarrassment of being denied and constantly told “No” when you apply for new credit.

All Pro Credit Repair is here to help you achieve that goal.

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How All Pro Credit Repair is different

All Pro Credit Repair not only utilizes traditional methods of challenging items (i.e. snail mail); for those who choose so, we also offer an online disputing. This second option also includes inquiry removal, which can frequently be a further help to achieving a better credit goal and score. (See our Pricing)

Many credit repair agencies also dispute only a fraction of the number of your unverifiable or inaccurate negative items at one time.  While this may seem like an advisable strategy, and in fact, can and does work, the net effect is that it sometimes unnecessarily prolongs your relationship with the credit repair agency.

The methods used by All Pro Credit Repair are 1. different, 2. they work, and 3. can produce faster deletions:  If you have 10 items to dispute, we dispute all 10 per contact with the bureaus.  If it’s 100 items, we dispute all 100– each time.  There are a few exceptions to this general rule, but nonetheless, you get the gist: All Pro Credit Repair works as hard and as quickly as possible to repair errors on your credit reports.  Read about the Difference.

(We’re confident that you’ll like us—but we also know that you want to move on!)

With our methods, although our contracts are for just 6 months, it is possible (although not guaranteed) to have achieved your credit goals before the contract is up!

Contact us now by filling out our form or by calling us at 949-751-8495 and order your current credit report online for $1.00 to start at IdentityIQ.