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April 28, 2017

Fixing Your Own Credit:

Much is unnecessarily made of the fact that, yes, credit repair can be accomplished on one’s own without the help of a credit repair company.  The credit bureaus, federal and state regulatory bodies, attorney generals’ offices, writers (some, no doubt, “encouraged” and paid by credit bureaus) and others make much of this fact as if it’s some “big secret,” that, within the credit repair industry, we prefer you didn’t know.  This is not so; at least, it’s not so with us at All Pro Credit Repair.  

The Credit Bureaus:

If we are to be completely honest, though, we would have to add something else:   The credit bureaus themselves would like to enter the credit repair business, though current laws prevent them from doing so, so go figure.  One credit bureau is, in fact, said to own a credit repair company.  We are not certain whether this is true or not.

Self Credit Repair

All of this having been stated, yes, one can “do” credit repair on one’s own — and more than that — be successful in the process.  This is not to say that the endeavor cannot be frustrating, confusing, fraught with difficulties, and time consuming (none of which is meant to discourage you; it’s just the truth), but the answer is that performing credit repair on one’s own is both fully within the law and your right under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).  

Some Will, Some Won’t

There are those who are committed to the process of credit repair, and for whatever reason, choose to do so on their own.  Whether it’s the fact that it’s generally cheaper; or, one is just inclined to the do-it-yourself-approach, or for any number of reasons, it nonetheless is still an option that one may wish to explore.  

That there are a great number of books to be found in your local bookstore, Amazon, or on the internet cannot be denied.  We have seen many of them, and one can, like most things, expect varying degrees of success. Using their methods.

Our Book: 

All Pro Credit Repair, in conjunction with, offers a book on credit repair — in addition to many, many other credit-related matters, for only $19.95

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