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These Things Do NOT Affect Your Credit Score
April 10, 2017
Self Credit Repair; If you Want!
July 31, 2017

Some of you may not need credit repair, but you may need a way to rebuild your credit.   We will not go into an overly long article, because it’s not necessary, but we do have one very good suggestion:


Why this account and why them?  There are several reasons…

  1. They accept persons who currently have bad credit and who are specifically looking for a way to rebuild their credit.
  2. They are only $99 to join!
  3. They report to ALL THREE OF THE CREDIT BUREAUS—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion — within about one month of approval.
  4. Not only do they report to ALL three of the credit bureaus, but if you’re approved, they give you a credit line of $5000.00!  This is no small change. A very big part of your FICO score is your debt (what you owe) to credit limit: (For example, if you have a $5000.00 credit limit and you owe, $2500, then your debt to credit limit is 50%.  Ideally, 30% and below results in ideal FICO credit scores.  Now, imagine adding this MYJEWLERS CLUB account to your $5000 credit file.  You would have a $10,000 total credit limit, and if you spend $100 on jewelry, then your debt to credit limit is now only 26%!!!) 
  5. That means your score, all other things being equal, may jump by quite a lot.  We’ve seen scores jump upward of 50 points.
  6. Finally, they have a decent selection— but remember the BIG PICTURE — it’s about rebuilding your credit scores!




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