These Things Do NOT Affect Your Credit Score

March 22, 2017
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April 28, 2017

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These Things Don’t Affect Your Credit Score

We are all familiar with those things that do affect your credit rating (late payments, judgements, bankruptcy, etc.), and sometimes, depending on the circumstances, quite adversely; but there are things which, while they do having bearing on your life and even livelihood in others areas, nonetheless do not affect your credit score at all.

Perhaps you are already aware of these, and some may come as a surprise to you.

Your Criminal History:

Having a prior misdemeanor or felony conviction, being on probation or on parole, while all very serious matters— and activities which can prevent you from obtaining employment, or qualifying to live in certain areas —-don’t appear on your credit and are not factored into your credit rating or score.

It is possible, we suppose, that having a criminal conviction can prevent you from getting a job, which inhibits you from paying your bills, which, in turn, adversely affects your credit; but we are here stating that your criminal history, by itself has no bearing, and as far as we can tell, does not appear on your credit reports at all.

Your Income

Like criminal history, your income sometimes has a direct bearing on the ease or difficulty of meeting your financial obligations.  Yet, to be sure, your income is not a factor in your credit score.  This is good because if it were otherwise that would be highly and unfairly discriminatory — persons who make less and who meet their financial obligations religiously are discriminated against for no other reason than that they earn less — whereas persons who make more get a pass because their incomes are higher.

Fortunately, this is not the case at all.

While personal and household income do not affect your credit score, they still sometimes affect your ability to get an extension of credit or additional and new credit.

But to be clear, while income is related to the extension of credit, it does not affect your credit score in the least.

Where You Live

You have perhaps heard of cases where people are sometimes seemingly, or really, penalized for the costs of insurance —auto or home—because of where they live.  This penalization is always in the direction of higher premiums, and frequently for those people who can least afford it.

Take heart, however, when it comes to your credit score, because where you live now or have lived in the past has no bearing at all on your credit score — nor should it.  You are judged as an individual, not as a member of a collective body.

Pulling Your Own Credit Reports

Applying for credit, whether it be for a credit card, an auto loan, mortgage, or personal loan, can affect your credit scores; but pulling your own credit through any of the three major bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion; and through any credit monitoring company (we currently recommend IdentityIQ where your 3-bureau credit report and Vantage Score can be had for only $1.00) does not.

You can pull your own credit everyday and all day long and it will have zero, zip, zilch impact on your credit scores.

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