How is All Pro Credit Repair different from other credit repair companies?

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August 5, 2016
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How is All Pro Credit Repair Different from other Credit Repair Companies?

Many credit repair companies, especially the larger ones, will dispute only a few derogatory items at one time.  They’ll tell you that the logic behind this is that if they dispute all of your negative items at once, the credit bureaus may regard the dispute as “frivolous”.

What this can mean in the practical order is that this method also keeps you as a paying customer for longer; and depending on your particular credit report, sometimes considerably longer.  This is not to disparage any other credit repair company.  It does, in fact work, and admittedly, there’s a certain logic to their manner of operating.  Still, it would be wrong to insist that it has to be done in that manner.

Our procedure at All Pro Credit Repair is different.  And more than that, it works.

All Pro Credit Repair disputes all of your inaccurate, untimely or unverifiable accounts in each round. This means that if a customer has 5 such items to dispute, we dispute those 5 items; and if customer were to have 100 such items to dispute, we would theoretically dispute those 100 items each round, under the majority of circumstances.  (There are a few exceptions; however, this is a general rule).

The truth is that there is no law or rule that regulates the number of disputes that can be  included.  It is another one of many, many credit myths out there.

So, although your contract with All Pro Credit Repair is for 6 months, it is possible (we make no guarantees) that the need for our services could end sooner.  It is also possible, that our services will be needed for much longer.  Every situation is different and credit repair is not always for everyone.  Here and here.

Yet, perhaps the most defining characteristic that distinguishes us from other credit repair agencies is that we offer a Premiere Online Dispute Option.

We know: You may have read “never dispute your credit with the credit bureaus online”— it’s a common refrain, especially when one does a google search on the subject —and that may be true — if you don’t know what to do. We know exactly what to do.

For those who choose this great option, All Pro Credit Repair will dispute with the 3 credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, using a combination of the online dispute and traditional methods to achieve a better credit future for our clients. Inaccurate and unverifiable inquiries are also challenged with this option. Results are sometimes much faster, though to be sure, this may vary in any situation.

To begin the process, the first thing is to take a current inventory of your credit report.  Please visit IdentityIQ to do so, then call us at 949-751-8495, and/or fill out the form below.  We will go over your reports determine what we can do to better your credit scores!  We’re easy to talk to!

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